Coby Zhong's Portfolio

About Me

Hello, my name is Coby Zhong, though I'm often known by my online alias, CactusPuppy. I am currently a graduate student in the Masters in Cyber Security program at UC Berkeley, where I also previously earned a B.A. in Computer Science and a minor in Data Science. I was previously employed at vArmour as a software engineer. Outside of my work in the software engineering industry, I also contribute to open-source projects on GitHub, develop various small programs, and do community work within various online communities.

Past Projects is an online repository aiming to improve visibility and discoverability of user-generated content. is powered by Ruby on Rails and Elasticsearch, continuously tested by GitHub Actions, and continuously deployed to Heroku.

I have personally contributed over 3,400 lines of code to this project, and am responsible for a number of contributions, including:

  • improving content moderation tools, which helped reduce false positive reports by over 70%
  • decreasing test suite execution time by 50%
  • introducing behavior-driven testing to minimize core feature regression
  • implementing a content ancestry system (similar to GitHub forks) which enables clear crediting for both creators and visitors

Snap!Con is a conference centered around the Snap! programming language, where educators, researchers, and Snap! users come together to discuss teaching and learning programming and mathematics. The Snap!Con website helps to coordinate the whole event. is built in Ruby on Rails, uses Mailbluster to manage emails, and is deployed to Heroku.

My team and I worked within an Agile Scrum workflow to deliver several key features, including:

  • an email system overhaul, improving both the organizer and attendee email experience
  • an event schedule overhaul to improve comprehensibility
  • displaying events happening now or in the near future, to ensure participants are aware of all upcoming events

AnwitaBio is a biopharmaceutical company developing treatment options for patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases. The website acts as an informational page for investors and prospective employees.

AnwitaBio's website is build in Next.js and deployed to Vercel. I am fully and solely responsible for creating, developing, and deploying Anwita Bioscience's website.


Knowledge Fields: Operating Systems, Network Security, Software Security

Languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C, C++, C#

Frameworks/Tools: Git, GitHub, Ruby on Rails, React, Svelte, Next.js, GitHub Actions, Travis CI, Heroku, Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas

Workflows: Agile, Scrum, Test-Driven Development, Behavior-Driven Development